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Marshal is an EDM producer and writer based in Tampa, FL USA. Marshal began creating electronic dance music in 2001 in Denver, CO using a laptop and an old school MIDI tracker. Over the years Marshal has upgraded his toolset and sharpened his skills and today with the resources of a full studio filled with hardware and soft synths Marshal has created a unique sound and style. Producing tracks in the realm of Electro House, Trance and Techno Marshal creates dynamic tracks that are interesting, catchy and really get you moving on the dance floor.

Tracks of his have been placed in several film projects including Papercat Productions short film ‘Ghost Hunter’ and James Seale’s ‘Juncture’ ( Various video and audio podcasts have also used music from Marshal as intro, outro and bumper music. Podcasts like ‘Dude Gamer Zone’, ‘Console Nerds’ (available on iTunes) use Marshal’s tracks on a regular basis.

Currently Marshal is working to develop a live setup to perform in front of audiences. Stressing that the they will feature original music by Marshal and focus on real-time performance (not DJing) Marshal hopes to expand his fan base by taking his sound directly to clubs and bars in the area.

Check out the below interview with Marshal on the Syhnth Hour with Aaron Russell of the impurfekt YouTube channel: